The Makeup Products you need in your Life ASAP

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Bonjour beauties! I’m feeling very Parisian today thanks to my little black beret! I admit, it was an impulse buy from Forever 21 because I’ve been seeing lots of people rocking them lately.

DISCLAIMER: This is a lengthy post, I take makeup very seriously, so grab a snack, get comfy and enjoy! 🙂

I’ve been waiting for an excuse to make a post about my all time favorite beauty products and today seems like the right time to do it! I am the biggest makeup junkie that I know. My mom always avoids going to Ulta with me when we run errands because I could spend hours trying new products. At the end of the trip, the back of my hands look like an elementary school art project because of all the lipstick, eyeshadow and eyeliner that I tested on my skin. Oops!

I estimate that I’ve tried at least 18 different kinds of foundations. From powder, to liquid, and everything in between. I have combination skin that has a tendency to be slightly stubborn when it comes to being smooth and clear! Over the past year, however, it has improved a TON thanks to Accutane. If you struggle with moderate to sever acne, I highly recommend you see a dermatologist to prescribe this for you. I don’t care what drugstore companies claim, you can not combat stubborn acne with facial washes or face masks.

Sorry, if you’re reading my blog for the first time, I have to warn you that I have the tendency to go a little off track sometimes 🙂

Back to the important part: makeup! Over the past two months or so I’ve switched my foundation from Tarte’s “Rainforest of the Sea” foundation to a combination of Too Faced “Born this Way” and Make Up For Ever “Ultra HD” liquid foundations. I would give Tarte’s foundation a 7/10. If you’re looking for light, breathable coverage, that’s your best bet. I started mixing the other two foundations because I wanted a better match for my skin tone. I usually use one to two pumps of each foundation and blend with water to thin the consistency. This is a makeup hack that I recently learned and swear by because it helps set the makeup without looking cakey or thick.

After I apply my foundation, I use concealer under my eyes and on my chin to brighten things up a little bit! I have the biggest bags under my eyes so this is my saving grace! Unfortunately, the bags under my eyes are not designer and are not very flattering! My top concealer that I’ve been using for the past year is Tarte’s “Shape Tape Contour Concealer” in shade fair/neutral. You can only buy it at Ulta, so don’t go into Sephora and ask for it because they’ll look at you like you have three eyebrows (I speak from experience).

As you can see, I’m very fair-skinned, so for me, bronzer is the best thing since Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Mmmm… those sound pretty darn good right about now… OK- I need to stop thinking about food. The bronzer I use was actually stolen from my mom’s makeup drawer (sorry mama!) and I absolutely love it. I use Lancôme’s “Star Bronzer Natural Matte” in shade Suntan. The only complaint I have about this product is that it’s going to put you out $38. However, it lasts forever and is really natural when applied correctly. 

I’ve also recently discovered highlighter and I can’t remember my life without it! It adds a little hint of shimmer and really makes your skin glow! My favorite highlighter is Urban Decay’s “Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder” in Luminous and I apply it to the highest part of my cheekbone to make it noticeable. I knew it was the one for me when a woman at the grocery store came up to me and told me that I had the best highlight she’s seen all day. LOL. I also like the shade Lit, which has a bronze tint to it. But I caution you that a little goes a long way! It also lasts forever which is a plus.

I have around 15 eyeshadow palettes sitting in my vanity and I literally only use three of them. I told you I’m a junkie! My top three include: Urban Decay’s “Naked 3 Palette,” Lorac’s “Pro Palette,” and Anastasia Beverly Hills’ “Subculture Palette.”  If you haven’t checked out Lorac’s eyeshadow yet, you are totally missing out! They’re so pigmented and the colors are to die for. It’s a cheaper palette that such high quality shadows! I always recommend using primer on your eyes before applying eyeshadow to help the color stay in place.

Mascara is another thing that is a makeup essential. I did some research on which kind is the best, and I have to admit, the best one that I have tried is Essence’s “Lash Princess False Lash” mascara from amazon. Let me tell you, the price is right! For only $5, you can have gorgeous long lashes (Gosh, I sound like an advertisement!).

The best liquid eyeliner hands down is Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner.” I’ve been using it for YEARS and it lasts for ages. I think I’ve only gone through 2 of them and I use it every day! I would give this product 10/10!

Last but certainly not least, lips! Unfortunately, we’re not all genetically blessed with Gigi Hadid’s full lips, or have the financial liberty to spend hundreds on injections like the Kardashians. However, there are many tricks that you can try to make your lips appear fuller and achieve that coveted perfect pout! God wasn’t quite on my side when he created my lips because they’re on the thinner side. But, I’m no quitter! I’ve watched lots of YouTube videos on how to get fuller lips naturally and it actually works wonders! First, I brush my lips with a toothbrush for a minute to remove any dead skin and get the blood flowing so they puff out a bit. Then, I use Too Faced’s Lip Injection Extreme Gloss” which combines vitamin E, collagen-friendly MaxiLip, and dehydrated marine sponge to get even more blood flowing to my lips. I have to warn you, if you’ve never used this serum, it may feel a little odd the first time. It makes your lips tingle and tickle initially, but it goes away after a few minutes. After that, I line my lips and use L’Oreal’s “Infallible Paints Lip Paint” in Spicy Blush. Let me tell you, these tips really work! I’ve even had people ask me if I had my lips done, but this chick is deadly afraid of needles, so I’d rather use my home remedy!

Viola! There you have it, folks, my top products that I would recommend to anyone. Now, everyone knows that makeup only enhances your natural beauty. You should never try to change your look because everyone has a different appearance and if we all looked the same life would be pretty boring!

If you’re still reading this, God bless you!!! Also, if you have any additional questions, you can always email me at or leave a message in the comments! Have a lovely day, lovely!


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  1. Janet Kritek

    Hi Paige,Very interesting and informative blog.  Your makeup products look great on you and you have really spent a lot of time getting just the right ones.  Thanks for the tips, I’ll think I’ll try some of them!Love you,Auntie XOX


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