Freebird in Fringe & Why I Started my Blog

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Fun in fringe:

These pictures were a blast to shoot despite the 80 degree weather! I thought it was so fun and liberating to run around a field with this fringe-y suede jacket from Zara. I am a HUGE fan of fringe. I may need an intervention when this style is considered ‘last season.’ Hopefully, that won’t be for a very, very long time!

The most frustrating thing that I’ve experienced buying clothes is when you fall in love with a style, splurge on it, then it goes on sale shortly after. That was my problem with this Zara jacket. I had purchased it in late May, and it was marked down by 60% a month later.

Oh well. It’s still adorable!

Since this jacket was so busy on its own, I paired it with some denim cut-offs and a plain white tank. I wanted the fringe to be the center of attention! My mom got her workout in chasing me around this field of grass with the camera. LOL.

Why I started blogging:

I am so thrilled that I’ve had more free time to continue posting on Front Paige. Some friends have asked me why I decided to start blogging and I thought I’d share my story with everyone following along my journey!

Growing up, my mom would always dress me in the cutest little outfits and put huge flowers in my hair. I was her lifesize doll she could dress up and photograph. I was always in front of a camera! When I started to get older, I took on the responsibility of picking out my own clothes and I absolutely loved it. I remember waking up extra early before elementary school and sitting on the floor of my closet, staring at all of the possible outfits I could wear that day.

Middle school rolled around and I didn’t give much thought to what I wore. I dressed like everyone else because I was afraid of standing out and being ostracized at school. Middle school is a critical time in one’s life because girls are just starting to understand that fitting in with everyone else is key. Luckily, I know now that fitting in isn’t any fun! We should strive to be independent and voice our opinions without any fear of being scrutinized by our peers. Long story short: the middle school years are nothing short of awkward and confusing. Below is a picture of me to prove that:

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe I actually put this on here…

The biggest turning point which really ignited my love for fashion started when my Uncle Jimmy began running his own women’s clothing company, Wildfox Couture. Over the past ten years, I’ve watched a tiny idea turn into a worldwide clothing brand, selling everything from perfume, sweatshirts, intimates and swimsuits to bikes, jewelry, shoes and sunglasses. Whenever I wore a Wildfox outfit to school, I would get so many compliments on my outfit. It made me feel more confident in myself and I began to take an interest in clothing styling and new, hot designers in the industry.

When I got to high school, I was very hesitant to sign up for sewing class. I was always intimidated by the sewing machines I saw on TV watching Project Runway, or in Joann Fabrics. However, I am so grateful that I did. Not only did I learn that sewing is enjoyable, but I also was inspired by my teacher, Mrs. Erickson, to create my own fashion line for the SHS fashion show. She encouraged me to challenge myself in my projects and guided me every step of the way in my sewing career at Stevenson. I could not have asked for a more patient and driven teacher to help me! Thanks Mrs. E! 🙂 Below are some pictures of a few of the dresses that I made for the show:


At the end of last year, I felt like I needed an outlet to express myself through fashion (Loyola does not have a design program) so I finally started Front Paige. I am so thrilled that I did. Since then, I have learned a lot about myself, social media, how to build my own personal brand, and collaborate with clothing companies while building relationships and networking with other bloggers.

I think it’s so important for women to take pride in how they look and feel amazing in what they wear. It’s crazy how much more confident I feel in an outfit that I love! I hope that you have enjoyed reading my blog posts as much as I enjoy writing them. There is so much to look forward to and I am very excited to see where Front Paige takes me!

Finally thanks for all the support that you guys have given me. Thanks mom for being my #1 fan, dad for the funding, and everyone else for taking an interest in the words I write. I have put my heart & soul into this blog and I hope that it shows through!




  1. Janet Kritek

    Hi Paige, Great blog as usual.  Very interesting to hear how it all started and how well you have done.  I certainly have enjoyed them and look forward to each new posting.  I also love the fringe jacket you are wearing.  Looks great! Love you, Auntie


  2. Sheryl Hicks

    Love the blog, photos and fashion. You have a gift Paige keep sharing it, your fans enjoy it! And your mom has found her gift of photography! Gifts for everyone to share. How Grand 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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