10 Reasons Chicago is the Best Place to Call Home


There’s no denying that I love Chicago. If you know me or have ever met me before, you can probably attest to the fact that I could talk non-stop about this extraordinary place. From the food to the sports, there are so many reasons to fall in love with the city life. OK- so the traffic isn’t ideal and the red line could use some help, but here are my top ten reasons why you should consider moving to Chicago ASAP!!!

  1. The people. I have been all over the United States (NY, Cali, FL, NC, Ohio, etc.) and I haven’t met anyone like the folks around here. They are real, honest and slightly insane (in a good way). I’m not saying Chicagoans are better, I’m just saying we’re different (maybe an acquired taste if you will). Just don’t walk into a bar in Wrigleyville wearing a Cardinals shirt and expect you’ll be accepted by everyone!
  2. The Cubbies. That last point was a nice transition to one of my favorite aspects of this city’s culture: baseball. If you’re like me, you have been a loyal Cubs fan ever since your dad dressed you in a red and blue “Sosa” onesie every game day. And in 2016, 19 years of being a faithful Cubs fan, facing broken dreams and perpetual loss, finally paid off with our World Series Championship. If you ask me, we will always be the World Champs! Plus we have Rizzo ( ❤ ), so what more could a girl ask for?
  3.  The views. Chicagoans have the opportunity to gawk at the breathtaking skyline from various rooftop bars and restaurants everywhere in the city. Nothing compares to watching the sun set over the Wrigley building while the light twinkles on the Chicago river.
  4. The weather. Weird, huh? Everyone complains about the weather here, but I find it interestingly… how do I put this?…unique. One day in March it got up to 75 degrees and the next day it was rainy and in the 30’s. That’s just the midwest. It’s almost as unpredictable as men. Gotta love it, though!
  5. The shopping. If you have ever walked down Michigan Avenue on a sunny afternoon you know exactly what I’m talking about.
  6. Portillo’s. What would life be like without Portillo’s famous chocolate cake? Or the hot dogs with everything? I don’t want to know what horrors would ensue. I know these fine Portillo’s restaurants are starting to pop up around places in Cali or downstate Illinois, but the Chicagoland area brought us the glory that is Portillo’s. And for that, I am forever grateful.
  7. The events. Lollapalooza, Windy City Lake-shake, the Christkindl Market and St. Patty’s day festivities are only some of the greatest Chicago traditions that are unbeatable and undeniably fun.
  8. The surrounding neighborhoods. Ever get sick of the city life and need a break from the fast-paced environment? Take a ten minute cab ride northbound to Lincoln Park. Hop the L to the Addison stop. Go see a football game at Northwestern. The location of the city makes it extremely accessible to any points of interest when you want a brief recess.
  9. The culture. Walking the streets of this city proves how diverse it is. The cool part about this is how warm most everyone is to each other. If you see someone wearing a Bear’s hat, I guarantee you’ll get more than five friendly smiles or comments… Ok, maybe not a Bear’s hat. Sporting Blackhawks or Cubs attire may get you a more positive reaction.
  10. The home-y feeling you get when you come back. This reason is why I keep coming back. I mean, I struggled with being six hours away from Chicago. Talk about separation anxiety! Even when I’m traveling to another destination I always feel a little tug on my heartstrings for leaving. I could move anywhere in the world and I guarantee it won’t feel like home as much as Chicago does.

For those considering visiting, I highly encourage you do so! There are endless things to do and places to see.

Since transferring to school near the downtown area, I’ve recently been asked about good restaurant and shopping recommendations. Some of my favorite places to get some munchies include:

  • Fig & Olive (basic, I know)
  • Tavern on Rush
  • LuxBar (pigs in a blanket are a must… I’m 20, not 10, I promise)
  • Giordano’s (Not a huge fan of deep dish but I make an exception for this place!)
  • Girl and the Goat
  • Balena
  • Cafe Ba Ba Reeba
  • Gibson’s Steakhouse
  • Bub City (Great BBQ, cool ‘country’ environment)

Great shopping areas:

  • Michigan Ave (duh!)
  • Oak Street
  • Lincoln Park
  • Bucktown

Hope this convinces you to take a trip here if you’ve never been!

With love & pizza,


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