5 Cures for a Bad Day

Hey y’all!!

First off, I hope everyone’s having an amazingly wonderful day! If not, I have a couple home remedies to lift your spirits. Whenever I’m feeling unhappy or stressed I always resort to these five activities and they help re-program my thoughts and emotions! Check ’em out below…

  1. Talk it out

You’d be surprised how much better you feel after you vent your feelings to someone. It might feel like you’re word-vomiting bad memories but you can’t bottle your emotions up inside of you or you’ll explode. I always turn to my best friends or family when I’m feeling bad and I do a wonderful job of dumping my problems onto them (ha- kidding). I always say that friends are free therapists.


2. Drink herbal tea & eat some chocolate

I’m not the hippie type, but herbal tea is one remedy that I swear by. There’s something about sipping on a hot drink that helps calm my body and makes me feel replenished. You can pick up a pack of tea from any grocery store. I love peppermint and blueberry! As for the chocolate, it’s proven that chocolate can actually improve your mood… don’t have to tell me twice! 😉

3. Impromptu dance party

This is a critical cure because it honestly tires me out so much that I’m too focused on my breathing to be unhappy. I was voted the World’s Worst Dancer back in ’07 but I could not imagine my life without my mini breakout dances. I remember coming home from a rough day in high school and my mom and I would spend the whole entire night dancing until we laughed the stresses away. Yes, I’ll admit, my type of dance resembles convulsions more than it looks like actual moves, but hey, I have the best time doing it! I’ve learned to let go of people’s perceptions and I found that I’m so much happier when I don’t have to live up to anyone’s standards, only my own. My go-to dance songs right now include Higher Love by Charming Horses, I don’t Want to Grow Up by Bebe Rexha and my all-time signature, Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne.

4. Watch a cheesy Lifetime movie

Watching Lifetime movies remind my of how great my life actually is. I mean, how bad would you feel if you found out your husband’s ex-girlfriend’s cousin’s wife had a secret twin who was stalking your every move and sending you creepy hate mail while she held your dog for ransom? See, things could be way worse! When your life is turned into a Lifetime movie then you can complain about it.

5. Just relax and know that things will get better

This is one piece of advice that I sometimes have trouble following. There are times when you feel so alone and unsatisfied with your life, but you have to keep pushing forward. You have to recognize that if you let the hard times get to you, they will begin to define who you are. This will challenge you and send you to a dark path that you don’t want to go down. Take a nap, walk on the treadmill, do what makes you happy. That’s what will lift your spirits.

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”

Frederick Keonig

Extra big hugs,


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