Cabo Style & Vacay Highlights

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As amazing as Mexico is, I’m really happy to be back in the states. There really is no place like home! I am so excited to share my favorite memories of my Cabo trip because it was such a fun little getaway!
We went with my cousin, Ashley and her mama, Aunt Elaine. They are the perfect vacation buddies for my mom and I because we’re all so similar! We had the best time with them and I am so thankful they let us crash their spring break! I wish my other cousins could have joined us (Britt & KT) but unfortunately the breaks didn’t match 😦 . We went on a cruise with both families last summer and it was seriously one of my favorite memories.

First off, Cabo is absolutely breathtaking. Our room looked right out onto the ocean and we had a wonderful view of the Arch of Cabo. We stayed at the Riu Palace, a gorgeous all-inclusive which has over 600 rooms… The crazy thing was how quiet the resort was! A staff member told me that the hotel was at capacity, but we had no problems getting chairs on the beach or a spot at dinner! It was perfect.

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Another thing to note before going to an all-inclusive resort is to bring a pair of jeans that are a size too big on you because you will gain 5 pounds from all the food. I felt like 90% of the time I either had a quesadilla or an ice cream cone in my hand (sometimes both)… I was in heaven! Our favorite restaurant was called Krystal. It was a fancier restaurant and when we walked in we were handed pink champagne! My mom loved that. I had the grouper and it was fabulous.

The rest of the food that the hotel offered was pretty good (but nothing like an RC cruise in my opinion). I loved that the buffets offered such a wide variety of cuisine. From comfort food to sushi and sashimi (big fan), Riu did a great job of satisfying every taste-bud (even for a picky eater like myself)! However, I got a little tired of the breakfast and lunch buffets everyday so it’s good to be back home with  normal food! No complaints though.


We found the greatest sombreros from a merchant on the beach. My mom is modeling the hand-painted Cubs hat (pictured below) that we fell in love with instantly. If you know anything about my family, you know how much we adore our Chicago Cubbies! We ended up buying four hats which wasn’t the best idea when it came to the plane ride, but it was totally worth it!!! I had a lot of fun wearing one in O’Hare Airport and got a lot of compliments, too! They were a really unique conversation starter.


Packing for this trip was disastrous. I am the most indecisive person in the world when it comes to clothes! I stuffed my suitcase full of dresses and fancy tops that I didn’t end up needing. Note to self: when packing for a four-day trip, try to be reasonable. I thought that it would be best to bring cute and colorful clothes that I wouldn’t get much use out of at home (too cold here!) My favorite outfits included this red off-the-shoulder bandage dress, yellow Zara dress and blue Wildfox cut out jumpsuit. However, the jumpsuit is open back so I felt a little scandalous walking around the hotel!


My mom’s pom-pom bag was a hit! She took about 100+ pictures of it (not sure why) and we laughed looking at all of the pictures that she just had  to wear it in. She actually bought it from Hobby Lobby, how funny is that?! However, you could easily replicate this bag for less! I’m considering buying some straw bags from Amazon and some pom-poms and making my own for the summer. It makes an adorable beach bag.


Had to get a shot by a picture commemorating her favorite dessert: macarons. Of course, the bag made an appearance.

Another favorite activity of mine was horseback riding along the beach. After taking a semester of horseback riding in college my freshman year, I wasn’t too enthralled with the idea of getting back on the horse again, literally. But, my mom convinced me that it would be a fun memory to share so I decided to give it a shot. It actually turned out to be a great time! Naturally, my horse was named Princess 😉 and she was so gentle, I wanted to take her home with me, but I was not willing to pay the extra baggage fee (clothes take precedence in my heart and my suitcase).

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Wow, if you got through this whole post, I’m impressed!! Thank you so much for reading all the way through. If you have any questions about the resort, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Have a wonderful week!




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