Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas

Good afternoon everyone! February is finally here and I cannot believe it… I wanted to create a quick gifting guide for the lucky man or woman in your life. Check it out below!

For your handsome BF…


Herschel duffel bag // Adidas sneakers // Lulu half-zip // reflective Ray-Bans

If you’re on a budget, make him cookies. Let’s be real: guys love cookies. You can’t go wrong with this simple gift (unless you are a bad baker). In that case, get him some tickets to a basketball game or other fun sporting event! Concert tickets are a fun idea as well.

For the lovely lady in your life…


state necklace // beanie // Steve Madden clutch // bracelet // Nike shoes

In my opinion, Valentine’s day is all about the colors of love: pink and red. Lets face it, every girl wants to feel special so a personalized gift is a great idea. If you’re in a long distance relationship, you could gift your girl a Kate Spade necklace with your home state on it. That way, she always carries a little piece of you with her regardless of where you are!

Another fun gift for the animal lover is to adopt an Arctic fox from this website. It only costs $55 and the company sends you a cute plush fox (pictured above).

Okay, I have to admit: these Venus et Fleur roses are at the top of my list (is it sad if I order them for myself?). They are definitely pricey, but they last a whole year and they are absolutely breathtaking.

Well that’s it for now! Hope your V-day is filled with lots of love. Mine will be filled with a colossal amount of chocolate, comfy sweats, a messy bun and a Netflix marathon.



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