Last Minute Gifting Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you wait until the very last minute to get something done. Luckily, I’ve done your dirty work for you and rounded up some of the most fun X-mas presents I could think of! Whether you’re shopping for your mom, brother, boyfriend or just some of your girlfriends, I got ya covered! I consider myself a professional shopper/gifter so I guarantee these gifts will be well-received.

For your lovely mother


Okay, maybe I’m a little biased, but I am in love with the Wildfox fragrance… it’s girly and sweet (just like mom)… you simply can’t go wrong!

Another fun idea for mom is a cute mug like this one that’s pictured above, or this one. If your mama is anything like mine, you wouldn’t dare approach her before her morning cup of coffee (JK, love you ma!).

Last but not least, I found this super cute cosmetic bag that is perfect for traveling over the holidays. I love these bags because they are so versatile and could be used for so much more than makeup! I use mine as a pencil case or cord case.

For your awesome (most of the time) brother


This one was a little more challenging to me because my brother always tells me not to get him anything. I thought that these bluetooth headphones would make a great gift for someone who enjoys working out (def not Kyle, sorry bro).

And what guy could live without a pair of comfy slippers? These are from Nordstrom and are awesome. Comfort is a pretty important thing when buying shoes.

Last but not least, I found these pretty cool whiskey stones that are from J.Crew for anyone who is of age. 😉 To be honest, this gifting list could totally work for your dad too!

For the BF


Okay so I am struggling in the boyfriend department, but that’s not stopping me from coming up with a killer list! Here are some fun and quirky ideas to spark your imagination…

The Fitbit “Charge 2” is a great investment for a guy who is really into fitness and lives a healthy lifestyle. I love this gift idea because its simple and on sale right now.

I also like this army green heavyweight chamois shirt. This is a perfect gift for a guy who enjoys being outdoors and is always on the go in the wintertime! He needs something to keep him warm. Of course I had to put some Lulu track pants in here. Every guy I know has a pair of these and they are so popular among men right now because of the soft fabric.

Finally, my favorite cologne for men is Bleu de Chanel. If you want your man smelling good, this is the gift for you (no offense to your BF). You can snag a 1.7 oz bottle for around $72. Trust me… its worth it.

Now for the best part, your friends!


Your friends deserve the world but when you’re on a budget it can be a challenge to find the perfect gifts.

It’s no secret I have a crazy obsession with Free People. It is so dangerous having class down the street from the Water Tower Place location… Whenever I have a bad test I always find myself looking around in the store (oops!). This red beanie is awesome because it is the perfect staple to any cold-weather outfit. I would pair it with a cream sweater, leather leggings and black wedge booties.

I only have one brother, so I regard my best friends as my sisters. This “Soul Sister” bangle is both meaningful and a perfect bargain! Coming in at only $35, I may have to get a couple of these for my girlfriends.

I’m the biggest makeup junkie… I need to get help. I am so in love with the colors that this Dior mini palette offers. From the shimmery pearl to the matte taupe color, you can’t go wrong with gifting this to a friend. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Finally for all your tech-y friends… I think this Rebecca Minkoff tassle keychain is awesome. It comes with a charger inside… how cool is that?!

I really hope that you found this list to be helpful! I am always available to help with ideas. Have a very Merry Christmas!



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